The Goss on Dee

Well here's more about me!  I've been married since 1978 to my wonderful husband Stefan. We have two adult sons, one married with "pigeon pair" twins born in March 2013.  We have our own earthmoving business which we run from home. I "do" the paperwork under the supervision of our Jack Russel "Rocky", who sadly went blind from an autoimmune disease in 2016
I love most craft, particularly Decorative Painting, Cardmaking and Scrapbooking, Egg Decorating, Beading and the one I have done the longest: Cake Decorating.
I started Blogging my creations when I "found" Blogger, saw all the great ideas that others have - and thought what a brilliant way to share and be shared with.
I would say it was a good way to show some of my work but my philosophy is if it feels like work, it's not craft!